Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bloodied nose

The taste of my own blood is clarifying.

As it drips down from my nose my comrade asks if I'm okay. I smile and say, "yes." For what other answer can I give?

The SEACA Systema,, warriors and warriors-in-training have been through far worse.

They've served their country and family in too many ways to count, and they have endured far more than a bloodied nose.

I breathe and blink once. I nod and smile, as my way of saying continue, there is more I need to learn. Knowing that my, "yes," helps me grow as a martial artist, that a tiny defeat or mis-step is a trifle in the span of a life that will take more than 150 million steps

I learn from this moment and I allow this moment to train me to: manage my breathe, let the footwork move through me (instead of thinking about footwork) and most of all, no matter how fatigued, always keep my hands up. I am not Muhammad Ali.

Lesson learned.

Thanks, ready for more?

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