Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day,

I had most of the day off on
Memorial Day, which seems too big to me. The real meaning of today is too big to fit into words. Yet having one day to honor all who've lost their lives in service to this country, in its many iterations, just one day, seems too small.

Our country which isn't defined by a specific land mass, as much as it's defined by ideas. Which means these people died for some vague and rich ideas, called America.

Soldiers giving their lives for a vague, yet rich idea, we all don't agree upon. Its true there are some words we agree upon when describing America: Freedom, justice, independence. We just don't agree on what those words mean. (A separate blog post altogether)

A single day seems too small. How do you honor the loss of million of lives. What can I say about men and women who gave their lives for an idea? I am humbled.

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